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Local Hawaii Operations with Big Project Experience

Pacific Foundation is a geotechnical construction company with a strong base of operations in Hawaii and the US mainland. Our on-island is located in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiii and includes a wide range of drill rigs and support equipment capable of any job large or small.

We provide a wide range of geotechnical solutions including:

CFA (Auger Cast) Piles

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles are a powerful foundation solution, offering rapid and efficient installation for various construction projects. CFA piles provide reliable load-bearing capacity and excellent performance in a wide range of soil conditions, making them an ideal choice for robust and cost-effective foundation systems.

Displacement CFA Piles

This technique involves creating piles by displacing rather than removing soil, beneficial in Hawaii’s diverse soil conditions. It has less environmental impact, reduces noise, and ideal for urban and coastal areas.

Drilled Shafts

Drilled shafts, also known as drilled piers, caissons, or bored piles, are deep foundation solutions used in various construction projects, including buildings, bridges, and towers, due to their strength and durability. Drilled are particularly effective in transferring structural loads through weak soils to stronger, more competent strata deep below the surface.

Driven Piles

Driven piles, a foundational element in geotechnical engineering, are long, slender columns driven deep into the ground to support structures. Widely used in various settings, including coastal regions like Hawaii, they provide stability in soft or loose soils and are ideal for resisting coastal erosion and wave forces. This method ensures robust, reliable support for buildings, bridges, piers, and other structures in challenging environments.


Micropiles are a type of deep foundation used to transfer structural loads through weak soils to stronger layers deep underground. They are small-diameter, typically less than 12 inches, drilled and grouted piles with a high-strength steel core. Micropiles are versatile and effective for foundation support and underpinning in challenging ground conditions, often used in urban environments or where space or access is limited. Their installation causes minimal vibration and noise, making them a preferred choice for sensitive sites.

Secant or Tangent Piles

Secant and tangent pile walls are advanced geotechnical engineering techniques used for earth retention and groundwater control. Secant pile walls, formed by overlapping concrete piles, provide a continuous barrier, excellent for water retention. Tangent pile walls, consisting of adjacent piles, offer moderate water control and are suitable for soil retention in construction projects. Both methods effectively support deep excavations and infrastructure development.

Soldier Piles and Lagging

Soldier pile walls, also known as soldier beams, are retention systems used in deep excavations or construction projects. They consist of vertical steel beams (piles) driven into the ground at regular intervals. Between these beams, wood, concrete, or steel panels are inserted to hold back the earth, creating a stable wall for excavation or construction. This method is widely used for its cost-effectiveness, adaptability to various soil conditions, and efficiency in managing deep excavations.

Deep Cement Mixing

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles are a powerful foundation solution, offering rapid and efficient installation for various construction projects. CFA piles provide reliable load-bearing capacity and excellent performance in a wide range of soil conditions, making them an ideal choice for robust and cost-effective foundation systems.

Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is a versatile ground improvement technique used to enhance the mechanical properties of soil. It involves the injection of high-pressure fluid to break up and mix the soil with a cementitious grout, creating columns of solidified ground for a wide range of applications. While not always feasible, this method is particularly effective when paired with large diameter tooling to create watertight seals below grade.

Rigid Inclusions

Rigid inclusions are a geotechnical engineering technique involving the installation of stiff, column-like elements into soft soil. This method is used to improve ground stability and load-bearing capacity. The inclusions transfer loads from weak upper layers to stronger, deeper strata, effectively bypassing less stable soils. This technique is particularly useful for supporting structures in areas with challenging soil conditions.


Dewatering, a critical process in geotechnical engineering, involves the removal of water from a construction site or soil to stabilize the area for safe construction operations. It’s essential for projects where water presence could hinder building foundations or subterranean structures. Techniques include wellpoint systems, deep wells, and sump pumping, ensuring a dry and secure work environment.

Water Cutoff Systems

Water cutoff systems, integral to geotechnical engineering, are designed to prevent water ingress in construction sites, particularly during excavations. These systems, which include methods like slurry walls and sheet piling, create barriers to water flow, ensuring a dry and stable work environment essential for the safety and progress of construction projects.

A Hutte micropiling rig installs micropiles next to the South wall of the Oregon Capitol building

We Have the Right Tools For Every Job

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art fleet of drill rigs, tooling, cranes and equipment to tackle any geotechnical challenge. Our relentless commitment to client-centric solutions, safety, and innovation has fostered enduring relationships and a reputation for excellence in the construction industry. 

Our respect for the island and Hawaiian culture, open communication and innovative solutions has allowed us to excel and foster long term partnerships in Oahu. 

Call 808.272.2946 to discuss your project and speak to one of our on-island estimators today! 


Large Diameter Drill Rigs
Small Diameter Drill Rigs
  • Klemm 806-3F
  • Klemm 401
  • Jet Grout Drill Rig
  • Comaccio MC22
Cranes and Concrete
  • Mantis 50-Ton Crane
  • RT Crane
  • Scheltzke 510 Grout Plant
  • Scheltzke Jet Group Pump
  • Casagrande Jet Group Pump

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