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Klemm KR 401-2

Key Specifications

Max Depth (single pass) Max Diameter Engine Power
41′ 4.9″ 100 HP

The Klemm KR401-2 Drill Rig is a versatile and sophisticated piece of machinery, designed primarily for jet grouting applications but flexible enough to accommodate a variety of drilling systems. Its robust design and advanced features make it suitable for complex drilling operations in challenging environments.

Key Specifications

  • Drill Mast: The standard drill mast is 6300 mm in length, but it can be extended up to a total length of 15900 mm using three lattice mast extensions of 3000 mm each. This extension capability allows for a maximum single-pass drill depth of approximately 12500 mm, catering to deep drilling requirements.

  • Rotary Head: Equipped with the KH 14SK rotary head, which includes a mandril and has a holding capacity for diameters up to ø114 mm. This rotary head is specifically designed for efficient jet grouting operations, whether using one, two, or three-phase systems.

Mobility and Stability

  • Crawler with 360° Slewing Gear: Enhances the drill rig’s mobility and allows for precise positioning, which is crucial in challenging drilling environments.

  • Stabilizers: It comes with four stabilizers that can be controlled individually, providing exceptional stability during drilling operations.

  • Axial Shift: The drill mast can be axially shifted by 1250 mm, allowing for better alignment and drilling accuracy.

  • Mast Inclination: Offers the ability to incline the drill mast with full equipment out of the vertical position by +15°, and up to +45° without the lattice mast extension, facilitating drilling in various terrains and conditions.

Additional Features

  • Hydraulic Clamping Device: The standard configuration includes a hydraulic clamping device type F for diameters up to ø133 mm, with an option for a hydraulic clamping and breaking device type D for diameters up to ø254 mm.

  • Data Recording and Automation: An MBS 4 data recording system is available for precise monitoring and recording of drilling operations. Additionally, an automatic mast positioning system can adjust the mast within +5° from the vertical position in all directions, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

  • Operator Comfort: An optional driver’s cabin (KR 401-2B) is available, designed to enhance operator comfort and safety, especially during extended operations.


The Klemm KR401-2 Drill Rig is a highly adaptable and efficient machine for drilling applications, especially jet grouting. Its extended mast capabilities, stability features, and additional options for customization and operator comfort make it a valuable asset for drilling projects that demand precision, versatility, and reliability.