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Bauer BG12H Vertical Drill Rig

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Engine Power Maximum Torque
43.4 tons 419 Horsepower 229.998 lb-ft

The Bauer BG 12H is a versatile rotary drilling rig designed for a range of drilling applications. It is part of Bauer’s advanced line-up of drilling rigs, offering high-performance features and robust construction to meet the demands of modern geotechnical construction.

Drilling Capacities:

Max Depth: 24.0 meters
Max Reach: 
3.814 meters
16.328 meters
Operating Weight: 
43.4 tons
3.20 x 3.880 meters

Max Depth:
10.594 meters
Max Reach: 
5.100 meters
16.328 meters
Operating Weight: 
43.2 tons

CFA DRILLING w/ Extension):
Max Extension: 
4.0 meters
Max Depth:
14.358 meters
Max Reach: 3.214 meters
 19.268 meters
Operating Weight: 
43.6 tons 

Drilling Methods Supported

  • Kelly Drilling (Without Casing Oscillator): This is the standard drilling method supported by the BG 12H.
  • CFA Drilling: The rig is pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations for Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) drilling.
  • FDP Full-Displacement-Piling: It is also pre-equipped for full-displacement piling with hydraulic and electric installations.

Limited Access Projects

  • Restricted Spaces: Ideal for projects in urban areas or confined spaces where traditional rigs may be too large.
  • High-Wall Stability: The compact design allows for precise drilling near existing structures, helping to maintain wall stability.

Groundwater Control

  • Well Points and Dewatering: The rig’s versatility allows it to efficiently create well points for dewatering applications.
  • Low-Impact: Its compact size results in minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil and water table.

Drilled Shaft Services

  • Deep Foundations: Even though it’s compact, the BG 12 is capable of drilling to considerable depths, making it suitable for deep foundation work.
  • Micropiles: Its precision and size make it ideal for drilling micropiles in locations with space limitations.