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Deep Foundations

1010 Ash Street – Memoir Buckman

Client: Deacon Construction
Scope of Work: Soldier Pile Wall
Project Year: 2021

The Project

The 1010 SE Ash project entailed a six-story building with underground parking, 7,000 square feet of retail, and 135 residential units, replacing an auto repair shop and HVAC center.

Scope of Work

The scope of work at 1010 Ash project included the construction of a temporary shoring wall, encompassing mobilization, drilling and setting soldier piles, wood lagging installation, handrail furnishing, backfilling lagging, pile cutting and removal, and demobilization.

The Result

The result of these projects in Southeast Portland will include increased housing availability, enhanced retail space, and revitalized community areas. These efforts contribute to urban renewal, increase property values, stimulate local economy, and improve the aesthetics and functionality of the community.

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