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Bauer BG 46 Vertical Drill

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Max Kelly Depth Max CFA Depth
216.5 tons 48.0 meters 26.3 meters

The Bauer Equipment BG 46 vertical drill rig  is engineered for large and demanding drilling and geotechnical construction projects. Due to the sheer size, power and flexibility, this is a particularly notable asset in our fleet, significantly enhancing our drilling and geotechnical construction capabilities. This  machine is particularly suited for challenging soil conditions and large scale projects with a blend of power, precision, and versatility.

Additional Specifications: 

Max Reach (Kelly): 5.550 meters
Clearance: 36.235 meters
Max Reach (CFA): 4.850 meters
Clearance (CFA): 33.470 meters
Operating Weight (CFA): 201.3 tons

Features & Capabilities: 

  • KDK 550S: The BG46 features a KDK 550 S rotary head, with torque up to 553 kNm. Additionally, it’s possible to apply a torque of 700 kNm to the casing using a mechanically mounted torque converter​1

  • Drilling Depth and Diameter: The BG46 is capable of achieving drilling diameters of up to 118 inches, with a depth capacity of 126 meters, meeting diverse geotechnical construction requirements.
  • Winch Capacity: The rig’s main winch provides a force of up to 77,162 lbf, ensuring efficient handling and safety during operations.

  • Operational Applications: The BG46 is specifically designed to address projects that require both significant depth and diameter, making it suitable for extensive urban and infrastructure developments.

The Bauer BG46’s size, flexibility and power make it an invaluable asset on the jobsite when required. This vertical drill rig expands the range of services we are able to provide, in an effort to use the most advanced and dependable technology to deliver quality geotechnical solutions.