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Pacific Foundation is a full service geotechnical construction company specializing in a wide range of techniques and geotechnical solutions.  

With unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Pacific Foundation has grown to be the largest geotechnical construction company in our region. Explore our wide range of geotechnical construction services, view our completed projects and let us know how we can help your next project be a success. 



Drilled Shafts

World-class drillers and engineers at your service, ready  to tackle any drilled shaft challenge large or small. 

CFA Piles

Pacific Foundation offers CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piling, ensuring rapid, cost-effective, and high-quality foundation solutions for diverse construction needs.

Displacement CFA Piles

Displacement CFA Piling are often used in softer soils, compacting the soil laterally to maximize soil strength while reducing spoils for environmentally responsible foundation solutions.

Driven Piles

Pacific Foundation offers driven pile services for high-capacity, durable foundations, excelling in challenging soil and environmental conditions.


Pacific Foundation specializes in micropile installations, offering high-strength, versatile foundations even in difficult ground and limited access areas.

Pacific Foundation


Deep Cement Mixing

Pacific Foundation provides deep cement mixing services, enhancing soil stability and load-bearing capacity for complex geotechnical applications.

Jet Grouting

Pacific Foundation offers jet grouting, a soil stabilization technique that improves ground conditions for enhanced structural integrity in precise and/or occluded areas.

Rigid Inclusions

Pacific Foundation employs rigid inclusions to transfer loads through weak soils, enhancing ground stability for robust, long-lasting foundations.

Pacific Foundation


Ground Anchors

Pacific Foundation’s ground anchors provide high-tensile stabilization for slopes and structures, ideal for temporary or permanent support.

Sculpted Shotcrete

We offer sculpted shotcrete services that combine structural reinforcement with aesthetic versatility, ideal for both stability and visual appeal.

Sheet Pile

Our sheet pile solutions offer rapid installation and robust earth retention, especially effective in water-adjacent construction sites.

Soldier Pile Walls

Pacific Foundation constructs soldier pile walls for efficient and versatile earth retention, suitable for a range of soil conditions.


Our underpinning services bolster existing foundations, enhancing structural integrity and stability, particularly in compromised soil conditions.

Secant & Tangent Pile Walls

We specialize in secant and tangent pile walls, providing superior earth retention and groundwater control in complex geotechnical scenarios.

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