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Satus Creek Bridge Replacement

Client: Cascade Bridge
Scope of Work: Drilled Shafts, Rock Drilling
Project Year: 2018

The Project

The Satus Creek Bridge project, completed for $13.4 million, replaced a load-restricted timber bridge from 1942. It involved constructing a 180-ft-long bridge with unique, curved precast concrete girders.

The Solution

The foundation solution for the Satus Creek Bridge included 72″ drilled shafts, executed by Pacific Foundation. This approach was crucial for supporting the innovative design of the horizontally curved, spliced precast concrete girders.

The Result

The new Satus Creek Bridge enhanced transportation safety and connectivity, replacing an outdated timber bridge. It incorporated advanced engineering, offering a resilient, durable, and cost-effective solution that blended with the local environment.

Project Overview

The Satus Creek Bridge replacement project, completed in early 2013 at a cost of $13.4 million, was a significant infrastructure improvement. It involved replacing an old, structurally deficient timber bridge with a modern, long-span bridge featuring curved precast concrete girders. The innovative design, including 72″ drilled shafts executed by Pacific Foundation, improved the bridge’s seismic resistance, vehicular impact resilience, and overall longevity. This project not only enhanced the safety and functionality of the bridge but also demonstrated cost-effectiveness and environmental sensitivity in its execution, offering substantial benefits to the community.


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