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Sellwood Bridge Replacement

The Project

The Sellwood Bridge Replacement enhances transportation infrastructure and improves connectivity in Portland, Oregon

The Solution

Pacific Foundation engineered a unique dual-drill solution to overcome challenging conditions and access. 

The Result

The new Sellwood Bridge provides safer and more efficient transportation, benefiting residents and businesses.

Scope of Work

In the heart of Portland, Oregon, the Sellwood Bridge Replacement project emerged as a remarkable endeavor to rejuvenate aging infrastructure and enhance transportation efficiency and safety. The project involved the construction of a new bridge spanning the Willamette River, connecting Sellwood to Portland. It required innovative engineering solutions to address challenging ground conditions and limited access. The Sellwood Bridge Replacement project successfully delivered a modern and structurally sound bridge, enhancing connectivity and improving the overall transportation network in the region.

Soil Nail Walls

  •  Pacific Foundation constructed over 19,000 SF of permanent soil nail walls with lengths up to 45ft

Soldier Pile Walls

  • 17,000 SF of permanent soldier pile wall with permanent tieback lengths up to 150 LF and design loads up to 300 kips

Drilled Shafts

  • 42” diameter drilled shafts in sands gravel and cobbles with sockets in R4 basalt


Unique Challenges

Unique Dual-Drill Solution to Overcome Complex Conditions

The Sellwood Bridge project presented Pacific Foundation with a unique set of challenges. Limited access, narrow benches, and varying ground conditions ranging from unstable soils with boulders to bedrock made the construction complex. To overcome these obstacles, Pacific Foundation implemented an innovative dual drill solution. They utilized a Bauer BG24H drill rig with sectional casing for pre-drilling driven bridge piling and a barge-mounted Bauer BG12H for drilled shaft foundations. This approach allowed for efficient and precise foundation installation, ensuring the project’s success.

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