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Bauer BG 15 H Vertical Drill

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Max Depth (Kelly) Footprint
51.5 tons  21.0 meters 3.82 m x 3.380 meters 

At Pacific Foundation, our fleet of Bauer BG15H vertical drills serve as an indispensable asset for projects that require meticulous drilling in locations with space constraints. Fitting seamlessly between the capabilities of our BG12 and the more robust BG24H, this drill rig is the optimal choice for projects that necessitate agility combined with depth and diameter precision. It empowers us to install conventional shafts up to 60 inches in diameter and CFA shafts to depths of 36 feet without a kelly extension. One of its hallmark features is its single-load transportation capability, allowing us to be operationally ready without extensive on-site assembly.


  • Compact Design: Pacific Foundation values efficiency; the BG15H’s compact design is ideal for urban or tight project sites where space is at a premium.

  • Diverse Drilling Capabilities: With the BG15H in our fleet, we offer both conventional and CFA drilling, responding adeptly to a range of project needs.

  • Streamlined Transport: The BG15H allows us to optimize our logistics, facilitating transportation without the burden of multiple on-site assemblies.

  • Cutting-Edge Engineering: In line with our dedication to offering the best, the BG15H incorporates the latest in drilling technology to guarantee precision, efficiency, and safety.


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With the BG15H at our disposal, Pacific Foundation ensures rapid project execution without compromising on quality.

  • Unparalleled Mobility: Its compactness, paired with its single-load transport capability, ensures we can quickly mobilize, meeting the dynamic needs of our projects.

  • Versatile Application: We deploy the BG15H across a spectrum of construction environments, from compact sites to complex urban terrains.

  • Optimal Operator Experience: The BG15H is designed keeping the operator in mind, adhering to the highest standards of safety and operational comfort.

The inclusion of the Bauer BG15H in Pacific Foundation’s fleet underscores our commitment to harnessing state-of-the-art equipment to deliver top-tier geotechnical construction services. This rig, alongside our diverse fleet, reinforces our promise to provide our engineering partners with unparalleled expertise and capabilities.