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Public Buildings

Manzanita City Hall

Client: Cove Built
Scope of Work: CDSM Columns
Project Years: 2024

The City of Manzanita, Oregon reached a critical juncture in their emergency preparedness planning. The City Hall and the Police Station was in an outdated structure that would not withstand a “megathrust” from a Cascadia Subduction Zone Fault. Since the building also serves as an emergency response center, the city acquired a new parcel and began the process of engineering a foundation that would support the building in the event of heavy seismic activity. Because of our significant experience soil mixing in a variety of coastal areas, Pacific Foundation was selected as the drilling contractor for the project. For this project, our scope of work included 4′ CDSM columns. Watch the video to learn more about the project and challenges encountered along the way!

The Project

The Manzanita City Hall and Police Station project involves constructing new facilities at Underhill Plaza to replace outdated structures, aiming to provide a modern, efficient space for city administration and police operations

The Solution

The project employs CDSM (Cement Deep Soil Mixing) columns for the foundation to ensure enhanced stability and seismic resilience, addressing the region’s geological challenges and improving overall building safety.

The Result

Upon completion, the project will deliver a modernized, efficient, and safer city administration hub and police station, enhancing community services and providing a more functional space for city operations and public engagement

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