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TEI Rock Drill 260

Key Specifications

Weight Output Power Rotation Torque
180lbs  13 Horsepower 200 ft/lbs


The TEI Rock Drill Model 260 (TE260) is particularly engineered with a high torque design, rendering it suitable for hollow bars, which are often utilized in soil nailing and micropile operations.

The drill boasts an output power of 13 HP (10 kW), with a rotation torque of 200 lbf-ft (271 Nm), and weighs 150 lbs (68 kgs)​1​. A high torque variant, the TE260HT, provides a rotation torque of 1000 lbf-ft (1357 Nm), and weighs 180 lbs (82 kgs), potentially offering more power for challenging soil nailing and micropile projects​. 

TEI Rock Drills, including the TE260 model, are globally recognized for their effectiveness in soil nailing and micropile operations, proving their reliability in the construction industry for these specific applications​. The equipment from TEI showcases not only the technical capability but also the adaptability and efficiency necessary for soil nailing and micropile projects. For instance, the TEI Extended Excavator Rock Drill, an attachment, can proficiently install a 40 ft (12.2 m) soil nail or micropile with just a single operator, underlining the operational efficiency of TEI’s drilling equipment in such projects​.

The TEI Rock Drill Model 260 stands as a reliable and effective choice for projects requiring soil nailing and micropile work, providing a blend of power, efficiency, and adaptability to meet the needs of a wide variety of geotechnical applications.