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Hutte HBR 202-E

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Engine Power Rotary Torque
18,000 lbs  74 Horsepower

19,914 lb/ft

The Hutte HBR-202 E is part of Hutte Bohrtechnik’s compact class drill rigs lineup, designed to cater to the demand for small drill rigs capable of executing large-diameter bores. This rig is tailored for challenging drilling conditions in confined or limited spaces, necessitating compact, mobile, yet powerful equipment. The HBR-202 E can be operated with an integrated electric motor or diesel engine, showcasing its adaptability to varied power sources.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Compactness & Mobility: The rig is characterized by its compact and robust design, coupled with a telescopic undercarriage that extends from 29.1 to 47.2 inches, enhancing its mobility in constrained areas.

  • Hydraulic System: The HBR-202 E is a self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig with simple controls and a modern, operator-friendly hydraulic system. It boasts delicate control over all drilling unit movements and features automatic temperature control to maintain optimal operating temperatures even under challenging conditions.

  • Drill Mast: It houses a telescopic drill mast extending between 99.6 to 148.4 inches with an overall feed length ranging from 47.2 to 86.6 inches.

  • Clamping and Breaking Units: Equipped for a maximum diameter of 16 inches, with the provision to incorporate larger clamping units up to 24 inches as per client requirements.

  • Rotary Head: The rig employs a powerful rotary head type HG28, capable of a maximum rotation speed of 82 rpm and a torque of 19,910 lb*ft, making it a formidable choice for big-diameter surface drilling tasks requiring high torques.

  • Emissions Compliance: Incorporates the latest diesel technology compliant with strict emissions regulations in both the EU and the US.

  • Control & Safety: The stepless adjustable tramming speed along with full control features ensure safe and versatile operation from various positions, adhering to the latest safety requirements.

The HBR-202 E epitomizes a blend of compactness, power, and efficiency, engineered for high-torque, big-diameter drilling tasks in restricted spaces. Its user-friendly controls, coupled with modern hydraulic and diesel technology, foster a conducive operational environment even in demanding drilling scenarios, ensuring it meets the client’s needs for efficient and precise large-diameter bores.