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Tremie Bottom Seals

In the field of geotechnical construction, the use of tremie bottom seals is pivotal for the accurate and secure placement of concrete underwater or in fluid-filled boreholes. This technique is vital for ensuring that the quality of the concrete remains uncompromised by the surrounding liquid medium.

What is a Tremie Seal?

A tremie seal is a layer of material, typically a bentonite seal or a concrete plug, placed at the bottom of a borehole before concrete placement begins. This seal isolates the borehole from the surrounding fluid, allowing the tremie pipe to function effectively.

Purpose of Tremie Pipe

The primary role of the tremie pipe is to transfer concrete from the surface into the underwater or fluid-filled excavation while preventing the concrete from mixing with the surrounding liquid. This ensures that the integrity of the concrete remains intact.

The Tremie Method

The tremie method involves the use of a tremie pipe, usually with a hopper at the top, to place concrete underwater in a manner that avoids segregation or dilution. Once the tremie pipe is lowered into the borehole, concrete is poured from the top and displaced out the bottom, pushing the liquid out as it fills.

Requisites of the Tremie Pipe

For effective operation, a tremie pipe must be watertight and robust enough to handle the weight of the concrete. It should also have a sufficient diameter to allow for easy flow of concrete, and its length must be adjustable to suit varying depths of boreholes.

At Pacific Foundation, our specialized capabilities extend to the precise implementation of tremie bottom seals in complex underwater or fluid-filled environments. For general contractors, engineers, and project managers, this translates to technical proficiency coupled with a robust quality assurance process, ensuring that your project is executed to the highest industry standards.

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