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Little Pudding Bridge Replacement

Client: Fairline Bridge
Scope of Work: Drilled Shafts
Project Year: 2020

The Project

The project involved replacing the Silverton Road Bridge over the Little Pudding River, scheduled from spring to Thanksgiving 2021 within the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s designated in-water work window. It was a crucial infrastructure upgrade, improving a vital transportation link in Marion County.

The Solution

The bridge foundation solution required large diameter 72″ drilled shafts. We selected a Bauer BG 24 H drill rig to construct the shafts, paired with a 70-ton Mantis crane to move the shaft casing sections into position. 

The Result

The bridge replacement enhanced community connectivity and safety. It minimized traffic disruptions by aligning construction with the environmental work window and aimed to reopen before the holiday season, respecting local business needs.

Project Overview

Pacific Foundation area of focus was on the bridge’s foundation, installing 72″ drilled shafts using specialized Bauer rigs. The task was challenging due to diverse soil types, including gravel, hard rock, and basalt. To manage this, we used various tools like core barrels and augers, adjusting our approach for different conditions. This method ensured safe excavation and stabilization of the shafts before adding rebar cages and concrete. 

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