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Plant Modernization

Tri-City Solids Handling Facility

The Project

The Tri-City water facility upgrade project led by J.W. Fowler improved wastewater treatment and solids handling, promoting efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The Solution

The solution implemented advanced treatment technologies and improved solids handling, enhancing wastewater treatment efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability in the Tri-City region.

The Result

The upgraded facilities resulted in cleaner water discharge, improved solids handling, and a more sustainable approach to wastewater treatment in the Tri-City region.

Scope of Work

Pacific Foundation played a crucial role in the Tri-City Water Resource Recovery and Solids Handling Facility Upgrade project, specifically focusing on the design and installation of a significant secant pile wall. The scope of work involved drilling 36-inch diameter secant shafts using a Bauer BG24H, utilizing both CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) and conventional drilling methods.

Additionally, Pacific Foundation installed a row of tiebacks for reinforcement, ensuring the stability and integrity of the secant pile wall. Their expertise and execution in these critical aspects contributed to the overall success of the project.

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