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Deep Foundations

Wenatchee WTP Phase 4

Client: Apollo Inc.
Scope of Work: Soil Nails, Shotcrete
Project Year: 2021

The Project

The Wenatchee Wastewater Treatment Plant’s $14.4 million construction project includes erecting a fourth digester and a new mechanical building, addressing the city’s growing population and needs. The additions, built by Apollo Inc., support enhanced waste processing, efficiency, and adhere to new standards to mitigate explosion risks.

Scope of Work

Pacific Foundation was contracted to install soil nails and shotcrete to reinforce the digester’s foundation by stabilizing surrounding ground. Soil nails provide tensile strength, while shotcrete forms a supportive wall, resisting lateral forces and ensuring the digester’s long-term stability and safety.


The Result

The addition of this digester for the city of Wenatchee will enhance the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant to handle increasing population demands. It offers redundancy, ensuring continued operation if another digester needs maintenance, and contributes to efficient waste processing, converting waste into usable fertilizer.

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