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10th Avenue Bridge

The Project

The NE 10th Avenue project in Clark County, Washington, involved widening the roadway, adding sidewalks and bike lanes, and improving stormwater management to enhance safety and accessibility.

The Solution

This project included the installation of 72″ dia. shafts to a depth of 150′ from an elevated temporary platform, 25,750 LF of 42” stone columns using a Bauer MC96 and FV75 vibro-probe and design build controlled modulus ground improvement.

The Result

The completion of the NE 10th Avenue project improved safety, accessibility, and mobility for the community, providing upgraded infrastructure and enhanced stormwater management systems.

Scope of Work

Installation of 72″ Diameter Shafts from an Elevated Platform

Pacific Foundation played a crucial role in the NE 10th Avenue bridge project, focusing on the installation of 72″ diameter shafts. The challenging task was accomplished from an elevated temporary platform, ensuring precision and safety throughout the process.

Our Engineering Expertise in Controlled Modulus Ground Improvement

With our engineering expertise, Pacific Foundation implemented a design-build approach for controlled modulus ground improvement. This involved utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to enhance the stability and strength of the bridge, ensuring its long-term durability.

Utilizing 25,750 Linear Feet of 42″ Stone Columns

As part of the geotechnical solutions, Pacific Foundation employed 25,750 linear feet of 42″ stone columns. These stone columns were strategically installed using our specialized Bauer MC96 and FV75 vibro-probe equipment, effectively improving the soil strength and stability for the bridge construction.

Enhancing Bridge Stability and Long-Term Durability

The geotechnical work performed by Pacific Foundation significantly contributed to the stability and long-term durability of the NE 10th Avenue bridge. Our meticulous execution of the installation of 72″ diameter shafts and the implementation of controlled modulus ground improvement techniques ensured a strong foundation, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the bridge.

Reflecting Commitment to Engineering Excellence in Critical Infrastructure Projects

Through our expertise, precision, and commitment to engineering excellence, Pacific Foundation successfully delivered the geotechnical work for the NE 10th Avenue bridge project. Our contributions played a vital role in creating a robust and reliable infrastructure for the community, ensuring safety and long-term performance.


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