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Willamette Drive Soil Nail Wall – Athey Creek MS

Client: Emerick Construction
Scope of Work: Soil Nail Wall
Project Year: 2024

The City of West Linn began development of the state-of-the-art Athey Creek Middle School Campus in 2021. With the campus now completed, the city turned their attention to improving traffic flow and roadway safety on Willamette Falls Drive. Watch the video to learn more!

For this project, the existing roadway, slope of the embankment, and the nearby wetlands of the Tualatin River needed to be carefully considered before solution could be engineered.

Working in close coordination with the client, the geotechnical engineers at NV5 and our team at Pacific Structural Solutions, we designed a combo wall consisting of eco blocks and soil nails would provide the support, strength and access required to keep Willamette Drive Open and the project completed within the time frame allotted.

The process of investigation, collaboration and innovation is central to what we do at Pacific Foundation. While every project can achieve success through multiple methods and techniques, the magic happens when all stakeholders work together to think critically, dig deeper and find new outcomes that could have been overlooked.

The Project

The Willamette Drive roadway improvement near Athey Creek Middle School in West Linn, Oregon, aims to enhance road safety and accessibility. This involves reconstructing and expanding the roadway, improving drainage, and installing pedestrian pathway.

The Solution

The project incorporates soil nail walls to stabilize slopes and geoblock walls to reinforce the roadway structure. These methods ensure durability and effective soil retention, addressing the area’s geotechnical challenges.

The Result

Upon completion, the improvements will provide a safer, more accessible route for students and the community, reducing erosion and enhancing overall infrastructure reliability around Athey Creek Middle School​.

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