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NW Timber Road Bridge

Client: Carter & Company Inc
Scope of Work: Prebore Drilling, Pile Setting
Project Year: 2017

The Project

The Timber Bridge Replacement project was part of ODOT’s continual effort to inspect and rehabilitate the aging bridges of our transportation network.

The Solution

This bridge design required H pile piers.  For this, we used a Bauer BG-12H in conventional mode to drill 30″ preboring and set the H piles in place. 

The Result

The completion of the Olalla Creek Bridge improved safety, accessibility, and mobility for the community, providing upgraded infrastructure and enhanced stormwater management systems.

Scope of Work

30″ Prebore Drilling

Using a Bauer BG 12 H in conventional drilling mode, our crew quickly and efficiently completed the installation of the bridge foundation footings. 

H Pile Setting

After prebore drilling, the shaft was filled with HP14x117 and HP14x89 concrete to ODOT plan specifications and H Piles were set in place. This project was completed on time and on budget in 6 working days to minimize disruption to local traffic.


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