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Klemm KR 806-3F

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Engine Power Maximum Torque
320 Bar Max  197 Horsepower 178 kNm

The Klemm 806-3F drill rig is very similar to our multiple 806-3D models, but meets  higher emissions standards and includes drill rod magazine to reduce physical demands of the crew.  It is extremely versatile, capable of installing micropiles, soil nails, dewatering wells, tiebacks, and jet grouting.

  1. High-Performance Engine: The rig is powered by a robust 197 hp DEUTZ engine, ensuring that you have the necessary muscle for demanding drilling operations.
  2. Advanced Double Head Drilling: One of the standout features is its double head drilling system. It offers counter rotation of the outer casing to the inner rod, controlled soil extraction, and low-vibration drilling—crucial for maintaining precision and stability.
  3. Modular Design: Flexibility is at the core of the KR 806-3D. Its modular concept allows for the attachment of different drilling units, making it incredibly versatile for applications like anchoring, micropiling, and even geothermal drilling.
  4. Optimized Kinematics: The rig’s kinematic design allows for a wide range of slewing and mast positioning, including vertical and horizontal drilling capabilities. This is especially useful for projects requiring diverse drilling orientations.

Key Specifications

  • Hydraulic System: Features a two-circuit load-sensing double pump system, with a maximum operating pressure of 320 bar.
  • Drilling Speed: Offers a feed rate of 6.0 / 12.0 m/min, with fast feed and retraction rates for enhanced productivity.
  • Crawler Base: Equipped with a high tractive force of 188 kN and a ground clearance of 350 mm, ensuring superior mobility on-site.

Safety and Compliance

The KR 806-3D adheres to the latest emission standards and has been externally certified, adding an extra layer of reliability and compliance to its already impressive feature set.

In summary, the Klemm KR 806-3D drilling rig offers a compelling mix of power, precision, and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for engineers and construction professionals who demand the best in ground improvement solutions. With its high-performance features and modular design, it aligns well with Pacific Foundation’s commitment to delivering tailored, efficient solutions for any geotechnical challenge.