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Deep Foundations

Latourell Road Bridge Replacement

Client: Granite Construction
Scope of Work: Micropiles
Project Year: 2022

The Project

The project involves replacing the 53-year-old timber bridge over Latourell Creek on NE Latourell Road. Due to over 50 years of high water leading to structural damage, Multnomah County plans to construct a new concrete slab bridge in 2022. Contractor Granite Construction has been hired for this replacement.

Scope of Work

Pacific Foundation executed the micropile installation on the Latourell Road Project, employing small-diameter, steel-reinforced piles to provide stabilization and support for the new concrete slab bridge over Latourell Creek.

The Result

The successful completion of the Latourell Road Project will result in a new concrete slab bridge over Latourell Creek, replacing the deteriorated timber bridge, enhancing structural integrity, and ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

 Project Overview

The Latourell Bridge Replacement Project was focused on the removal of an existing 53-year-old timber bridge over Latourell Creek on NE Latourell Road. Due to sustained structural damage from high water levels over the years, Multnomah County initiated the construction of a new concrete slab bridge. Granite Construction is the primary contractor responsible for this project.

Pacific Foundation was contracted to undertake specialized geotechnical tasks, specifically the installation of micropiles. This work forms an integral part of the foundational support for the new concrete slab bridge.

Scope of Work

Technical Challenges

  • Structural Integrity: The existing timber bridge exhibited significant wear and structural compromise, requiring a highly stable foundation for the new structure.
  • Soil and Hydrological Conditions: The site’s proximity to Latourell Creek presented inherent challenges, particularly concerning soil stability and groundwater management.

Solutions Implemented

  • Micropile Installation: Utilizing small-diameter, steel-reinforced micropiles, Pacific Foundation provided the required stabilization and support for the new bridge. This approach aligns with industry standards for deep foundation techniques.
  • Groundwater Management: Effective groundwater control measures were applied to ensure that the micropile installation process was not adversely affected by water conditions.

Project Outcome

The modernized concrete slab bridge over Latourell Creek replaced the existing timber structure, thereby improving both structural integrity and transportation safety.

Pacific Foundation’s specialized techniques in micropile installation and groundwater management contributed to addressing the project’s unique challenges, in compliance with best practices for deep foundations and drilled shafts.

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