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Building the future

River S Bridge Replacement

Building the future

River S Bridge Replacement: A Pathway to Nature and Progress

Nested in the heart of Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge’s River S unit, the new River S Bridge stands tall, replacing the former, century-old structure. Engineered for the long haul, it’s designed to not only withstand the tests of time but also cater to the increasing traffic needs of our growing community.

Our work on the River S Bridge project included the installation of 120 and 60-inch diameter drilled shafts from a barge, leveraging our industry-leading Bauer BG55 to achieve depths of up to 132 feet. The unique challenge of working in a delicate environment required temporary casing installed with vibratory hammers and slurry use to maintain sidewall stability, reflecting our adaptability and commitment to precision.

The new River S Bridge will enable better access to the refuge and ensure a safer, smoother travel over train tracks for all its visitors. 

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