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Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile walls are a vital component in geotechnical engineering, offering a robust solution for temporary shoring and earth retention. At Pacific Foundation, we have extensive experience in designing and constructing these walls, adapting them to various soil conditions and project needs.

What are Soldier Pile Walls?

Soldier pile walls consist of vertical steel beams (soldier piles) typically spaced 6 to 8 feet apart and installed in drilled holes. These piles act as retaining elements, holding back earth or water. After the soldier piles are placed, horizontal lagging (timber, reinforced concrete, shotcrete, or steel plates) is installed between them to retain the soil​​.

Uses and Advantages

  • Temporary Shoring: Frequently used in cut applications, these walls are effective for a range of soil conditions, including those prone to caving or with cobbles and boulders​​​​.
  • Sensitive Areas: Ideal next to existing structures sensitive to settlement, vibration, or lateral movement, soldier pile walls provide stability without causing harm to adjacent areas​​.
  • Versatility: Their ability to withstand large lateral earth pressures makes them suitable for diverse project requirements.

Construction Methods

  • Installation: Soldier piles are installed in drilled holes, with the option of using impact or vibratory methods for temporary piles​​.
  • Lagging Installation: As excavation progresses, lagging is added to retain soil between adjacent soldier piles​​.
  • Additional Support: For walls higher than 12 feet, or in the presence of surcharge loads, ground anchors, internal bracing, or deadman anchors can be incorporated​​.

Design Considerations

  • Geotechnical Investigation: A detailed study is necessary to characterize the soils, focusing on stratigraphy, unit weight, shear strength, surcharge loading, slope inclinations, and groundwater conditions​​.
  • Specifications: Designs adhere to the latest geotechnical standards, such as the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications​​.

Pacific Foundation’s Expertise

  • Custom Solutions: We tailor soldier pile walls to each project, considering site-specific conditions and project goals.
  • Advanced Techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge construction methods, we handle complex soil scenarios effectively.
  • Professional Excellence: Our team ensures that all soldier pile walls are designed and installed with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Soldier pile walls are a cornerstone of temporary shoring and earth retention strategies. At Pacific Foundation, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier geotechnical solutions, including the expert implementation of soldier pile walls for various projects. Whether dealing with challenging soil conditions or working near sensitive infrastructure, our approach is always guided by precision, safety, and client satisfaction.

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