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Deep Foundations

Troy Laundry Building

Client: R&H Construction
Scope of Work: Micropiles, Soldier Piles, Lagging
Project Year: 2022

The Project

The historic Troy Laundry building is being adapted for Soho House, with a rooftop addition, interior renovations, seismic retrofit, fire protection, accessibility upgrades, and façade repairs. The project includes new amenities like dining, wellness areas, and a roof terrace with a pool.

The Solution

On this project, our scope of work includes the installation of micropiles and soldier piles, wood lagging, handrails, and backfilling lagging. This critical work ensures structural stability and alignment with seismic retrofit requirements.

The Result

This work is fundamental to the success of this project, providing essential structural support through micropiles and soldier piles. It ensures safety and alignment with seismic retrofit needs, enabling subsequent renovations and additions.


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