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Deep Foundations

Drilled Shafts

Deep Foundations

Drilled Shafts

Pacific Foundation started as a small drilling company in 2012 and drilled shafts are a cornerstone of our work. Drilled shafts also known as caissons or bored piles, are deep foundation solutions are essential for structures like bridges, skyscrapers, and towers that need to support heavy loads. Our job is to make sure these loads are safely transferred from the structure down into the solid ground or bedrock below.

We’re proud to have the largest collection of Bauer drilling rigs in the Pacific Northwest. This means no matter how big or complex your project is, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to handle it.

We believe every project is unique. That’s why we don’t just follow a set plan or recommend a single solution for every project; we create solutions that fit your specific needs. Our sister company, Pacific Structural, can engage in the design phase of the project to develop a plan that meets your project’s specific engineering, cost and environmental needs, right from the initial design to the final load tests.

We take quality seriously at every step. From drilling to concrete placement, we’re meticulous about making sure everything we do meets the highest industry standards and fits exactly with what your project needs. This attention to detail is what helps us deliver top-notch work every time.

Have a project in mind? We are standing by to help. We’re not just about building foundations; we’re about building relationships based on trust, expertise, and reliability. Let’s work together to lay a solid foundation for your project.

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