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Deep Foundations

Davis Creek Bridge

Client: Lee Contractors
Scope of Work: Micropiles
Project Year: 2022

The Project

Davis Bridge #232, constructed in 1935 and partially rebuilt in 1953, requires replacement due to undermining of the west abutment and a reduced “Sufficiency Rating.” The project involves design, engineering, permitting, right-of-way considerations, public involvement, and construction to replace the existing single-span bridge.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the improvement of Davis Bridge #232 includes the reinforcement of the existing bridge through the installation of 400 linear feet (LF) of micropiles. This targeted approach is designed to provide essential support to the undermined west abutment, enhancing stability.

The Result

These enhancements ensure long-term safety and functionality, addressing previous undermining issues and aligning with modern structural standards.

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