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BG 28 V Vertical Drill Rig

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Max Depth (Kelly) Footprint
108.0 tons 48.0 meters 4.600 x 3.770 meters

Pacific Foundation’s commitment to delivering advanced geotechnical solutions is exemplified by our latest acquisition, the Bauer BG28V. Constructed on the BG36 chassis, this iteration, often referred to as the BG28 Heavy, is designed for enhanced operational capabilities while maintaining optimal efficiency in diverse drilling environments.

Manufacturer: Bauer Maschinen GmbH
Model: BG 28 V
Application: Used for deep foundation drilling tasks such as Kelly drilling, CFA drilling, soil mixing, and more.

Max Depth: 48.0
Max Reach: 
4.400 meters
30.712 meters
Operating Weight: 
104.4 tons
4.600 x 3.770 meters

Max Depth: 
22.544 meters
Max Reach: 
4.400 meters
30.712 meters
Operating Weight: 
104.4 tons

CFA DRILLING w/ Extension):
Max Extension: 
10.5 meters
Max Depth:
33.044 meters
Max Reach: 4.400 meters
39.508 meters
Operating Weight: 
107.7 tons 

Features & Capabilities:

  • Advanced Chassis Design: Its construction on the superior BG36 chassis enhances its stability and efficiency, providing a significant edge in operations.
  • Versatile Drilling: The BG28V seamlessly transitions between CFA piling and deep shaft drilling, signifying its multipurpose nature.
  • Impressive Depths: With its potential to achieve a depth of 102 feet for CFA piling and drilling shafts of 96” diameter, it sets a benchmark in drilling capabilities.
  • Deep Cement Mixing: Tailored for deep cement mixing tasks, this rig can generate columns of up to 84” diameter, emphasizing its powerful performance.

Benefits for Pacific Foundation Clients:

  1. Streamlined Operations: The multifunctionality of the BG28V ensures diverse geotechnical requirements are satisfied without switching equipment, enhancing site productivity.
  2. Precision in Execution: The advanced features packed into the BG28V assure precise drilling operations, crucial for the foundational success of projects.
  3. Expedited Project Delivery: Its operational efficiency can contribute significantly to reduced project timelines, ensuring client expectations are consistently surpassed.