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Comacchio MC-8D

Key Specifications

Feed Force Engine Power Rotary Torque
12,100 lbs 130 Horsepower 3,319 – 17,148 lb*ft

The Comacchio MC-8D drilling rig is the ultimate limited access solution for executing micropile and anchor installations. The rig’s versatility in handling both rotary and rotary-percussive drilling systems is instrumental in the successful delivery of these specialized services. The innovative roll-off system of the MC-8D allows for operational flexibility, enabling the use of either onboard or separate power packs, which is crucial in varying site conditions.

Additionally, the telescopic mast of the MC-8D facilitates the use of drilling rods of different lengths without the need for mast extensions, promoting efficiency and adaptability in drilling operations for micropiles and anchors.

Drilling Capabilities:

  • Drilling Systems: Supports all rotary and/or rotary-percussive drilling systems, making it adaptable to different geotechnical tasks.

Power and Flexibility:

  • Power Pack: Innovative roll-off system allows for utilization of either onboard or separate power pack (electric or diesel), enhancing the rig’s flexibility in different operational settings.

Mast Design:

  • Telescopic Mast: Enables the use of drilling rods of varying lengths without the necessity for mast extensions, promoting operational efficiency.

Control System:

  • Comacchio Radio Control System: Electronically manages all functions, including the adjustment of the telescopic mast and the operation of the power pack roll-off system. This feature underscores the rig’s ease of operation and precision control.


  • Customization options are available to tailor the MC-8D to specific project requirements, mirroring the adaptable design ethos of Comacchio rigs.

Standard Features:

  • The standard configuration of the MC-8D encompasses the Comacchio radio control system, which significantly augments operational control and efficiency.

The MC-8D’s inclusion in Pacific Foundation’s fleet enhances operational efficiency in micropile and anchor installations, aligning with the technical demands of advanced geotechnical construction projects.