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Ground Improvement

Seaside Convention Center

The Project

Pacific Foundation successfully supported the Seaside Convention Center’s expansion, fostering city’s economic growth with advanced geotechnical construction techniques.

The Solution

Using a Bauer BG24H drill rig, Pacific Foundation installed 85 deep cement mixed columns to depths of 60 feet, ensuring the facility’s stability.

The Result

The expanded Seaside Convention Center drives the city’s economic growth, fostering community development and creating local opportunities.


The Seaside Civic and Convention facility, following a $15-million-dollar expansion, now plays a crucial role in driving the city’s economic growth. The 19% expansion of the facility required significant ground improvement work to ensure the secure support of the enlarged structure. 

Utilizing the Bauer BG24H drill rig, fitted with specialized Cement Deep Soil Mixing (CDSM) equipment, Pacific Foundation achieved substantial ground improvement. The project entailed the installation of 85 mixed cement columns, reaching depths of up to 60 feet, effectively providing a robust foundation for the expanded facility.

The Seaside Convention Center expansion project showcased Pacific Foundation’s commitment to utilizing advanced techniques and equipment in geotechnical construction. The project is an example of Pacific Foundation’s expertise in managing complex construction needs while ensuring safety and structural stability.

Pacific Foundation is proud to be a part of the Seaside Convention Center expansion, demonstrating our capabilities in facilitating economic development through our geotechnical construction projects.

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