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Bauer BG 24 H Vertical Drill

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Max Depth Footprint
89.3 tons 48.0 meters 4.540 m x 3.700 meters

Pacific Foundation owns and operates three Bauer BG24 drill rigs extensively in our geotechnical operations: a BG 24 H, a BG 24 H BT75 and a BG 24 H BT85. The BG24 model serves as a primary equipment choice due to its capacity for a range of drilling tasks, underpinning our commitment to delivering projects with precision and reliability.

Features & Capabilities:

  • Drilling Depth & Diameter: The BG24H is engineered to install drilled shafts up to 96 inches in diameter and can reach depths of 48.0 meters. Additionally, it has the capacity to construct 36” CFA shafts to a depth of 81 feet with the use of an extension. It’s worth noting that our operations have seen the construction of 24” CFA piles to a depth of 123 feet using this specific rig.

  • Cement Mixing Application: Integral to our operations, the BG24H is employed for deep cement mixing, with the ability to produce cement-mixed columns of up to 96 inches in diameter, dependent on soil conditions.

  • Equipment Integration: The rig is equipped with an integrated torque multiplier and is compatible with our Bauer BV1500 oscillator, controlled via onboard systems and hydraulics.

  • Operational Weight & Mobility: The BG24H has an operational weight of approximately 200,000 lbs. Its design prioritizes mobility, facilitating efficient transport and setup, optimizing operational timelines.

The Bauer BG24H drill rig stands as a testament to Pacific Foundation’s emphasis on advanced, reliable equipment. Its capabilities align with the rigorous demands of contemporary geotechnical construction, ensuring that we consistently meet project specifications with accuracy.