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Hutte HBR 605-4

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Engine Power Crowd Force
37,100 lbs  249 Horsepower

22,500 lb/ft

The Hutte HBR-605-4 is recognized as a highly flexible and compact hydraulic drilling rig, specifically engineered for micropiles, ground anchors, and foundation construction. The HBR-605-4 embodies over 30 years of technical evolution, rendering it a reliable choice for demanding drilling operations. The design and manufacturing of this rig prioritize increased stability and power, making it a rapid and easy-to-use machine, especially crafted to tackle challenging drilling tasks even in the hardest working conditions. The HBR-605-4 is adept at installing high-capacity micropiles and is particularly well-suited to tasks like foundation construction, soil investigation, slope stabilization, and jet-grouting​.

Here are the key specifications of the Hutte HBR-605-4:

  • Engine Power:  249 HP.
  • Width of Crawler: 8.2 ft.
  • Stroke of Rotary Head: 16.4 ft.
  • Extraction Force: 22,500 lbf.
  • Crowd Force: 22,500 lbf.
  • Work Extraction Speed: 32 ft/min.
  • Fast Extraction Speed: 131 ft/min.
  • Clamp Diameters: Ranges between 2.6 and 10 in.
  • Weight in Working Condition: 37,200 lbs​.

The HBR-605-4 incorporates modern diesel technology aligning with stringent emissions regulations across various markets. The rig’s smart power management and full load sensing hydraulic system facilitate intelligent engine power management, aiming to enhance the machinery’s performance while minimizing fuel consumption​. 

With over 30 years of production, the latest evolution of the HBR-605-4 ounderscore its ability to provide high efficiency and productivity in foundation construction and other drilling applications.