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Comacchio MC-4D

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Engine Power Maximum Torque
12,800 lbs  115 Horsepower

11,800 lb/ft

The Comacchio MC-4D is a hydraulic drilling rig tailored for executing ground engineering projects in constrained or challenging environments such as inside buildings, basements, and small tunnels, making it suitable for jobs in confined or low overhead spaces and difficult access sites.

The MC-4D’s design features compact dimensions with a separate power pack, ensuring versatility across a range of allowable movements, essential for navigating through restricted spaces.

  • Engine Power: Ranges between 55 to 100 kW.
  • Mast Feed Stroke: Extends from 943 to 2,100 mm.
  • Feed Force and Retract Force: Both rated at 3,500 daN.
  • Rotary Torque Range: Varies between 450 to 1,550 daNm​3​.
  • Drill Rig Weight: 4 tonnes with a robust mast exerting 5000 daN, equipped for simplified articulation.
  • Drilling Systems: Supports a wide range of accessories to accommodate any type of rotary or rotary-percussive drilling system​4​.