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Bauer BG55 Vertical Drill Rig

Key Specifications

Drilling Depth Drilling Diameter Maximum Torque
126m Up to 3.7m 503 kNm

The Bauer BG 55 drilling rig, mounted on the BS 115 base carrier, is a multifunctional machine designed for various drilling applications. It is suitable for Kelly drilling, soil mixing techniques, and soil improvement measures. Key specifications include a maximum torque of 553 kNm, engine performance of 597 kW, a maximum height of 36.3 meters, and a maximum drilling depth of 126 meters.

Key capabilities and specifications of the Bauer BG55 include:

  • Drilling Methods Supported: Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger drilling, full displacement drilling, double rotary drilling, soil mixing, and various other methods.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Drilling depth: Up to 126.0 m
    • Drilling diameter: Up to 3700 mm
    • Torque: 553 kNm
    • Engine: CAT C 18 (570-597 kW)
  • Safety Features: Guardrails, camera surveillance, and hydraulic support locking.
  • Design Advantages: Easy transport, quick rigging, reduced fuel consumption.
  • Environmental Considerations: Designed for operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
  • Additional Attachments: Various drilling tools, oscillators, soil mixing tools and accessories can be attached based on project requirements.

While the Bauer BG55’s expansive capabilities may not be suited for every site due to its sheer size and power, it undeniably shines in larger projects where space is not a constraint. For substantial geotechnical endeavors, the BG55 stands unparalleled in its class, underlining Pacific Foundation’s commitment to harnessing the best in drilling technology for optimal project outcomes.