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Simco 2400 Drillteam

Key Specifications

Stroke Maximum Force Rotary Torque
74″  – 120″ 7,600 lbs 960 ft lbs

The SIMCO 2400 Drillteam is a robust drilling rig uniquely engineered for both percussive and auger drilling methods. This specialized combination is particularly designed for detecting water main breaks or gas leaks. Its hydraulic functionality embodies the synergy of a percussive drill’s capability to penetrate street surfaces with the soil augering competency of a rotary drill, which culminates in a faster, simplified, and more cost-effective system.

Even in the face of frozen ground, the rig’s rugged design proves reliable. The percussive hammer can penetrate through virtually any street surface, while the drillhead can auger to depths exceeding 30 feet within a matter of minutes. Although these capabilities are subject to the prevailing drilling conditions, mud pump size, and auxiliary compressor size, an optional 10-foot stroke is available with most drill packages​1​.

Some of the noteworthy specifications of the SIMCO 2400 Drillteam include:

  • Drillhead Torque: 960 ft lbs
  • Drillhead RPM: 0-190 RPM
  • Pullback: 7,600 lbs
  • Push Down: 7,600 lbs
  • Drillhead Travel – Net Stroke: 74 inches

The Simco 2400 features a 3 cylinder Deutz diesel engine, and overall stroke of up to 10 feet. The rig comes equipped with an in/out slide base, left/right wiggletail, and an optional percussion head with compressor, indicating its adaptability to different project requirements​.

The new 2400 package is an enhancement with improved capabilities and features to swiftly tackle any project. It retains its dependable properties with a Long Stroke Mast to handle 10-foot tooling, and a 2-Speed Drillhead with torque specifications of 2000 ft. lbs./90 rpm or 1000 ft. lbs./180 rpm, demonstrating its power and versatility in drilling operations​3​.

The SIMCO 2400 Drillteam’s diversified drilling methods, robust design, and impressive specifications make it a formidable choice for handling the challenges encountered in utility leak detection and other drilling projects.