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Mantis 15010 Crawler Crane

Key Specifications

Pick & Carry Capacity Boom Length Winch Pull
77 Tons 111 Feet

17,590 lbs

The Mantis 15010 is a 77-ton US Standard (70-ton metric) telescopic crawler crane, known for its versatility in handling a wide range of lifting tasks. This crane features a four-section hydraulic boom that extends from 37’6” to 111’6”, with an optional 30′-50′ bi-fold jib, allowing for a maximum tip height of up to 167 feet. It’s powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine that delivers 265 horsepower at 2200 RPM, ensuring strong performance under various conditions.

Key specifications and features of the Mantis 15010 include:

– A pick-and-carry capacity of 77 tons through 360 degrees, ensuring flexibility in movement and placement of loads.
– A two-piece bi-fold lattice boom extension and an offsettable jib that enhances its reach and height capabilities.
– The Tadano AML-C Load Moment Indicator (LMI) system, which provides critical information for safe crane operation.
– Winches equipped with grooved drums, cable followers, and a third wrap shutdown feature for enhanced control and safety.
– Various track shoe width options, allowing for customization based on ground conditions and project requirements.
– Additional features such as hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension, 12-inch ground clearance, spotter lugs, 3 remote control work lights, and 2 video cameras for winch and rear views, enhancing operational safety and convenience.

The Mantis 15010 is designed to navigate challenging terrains with ease, thanks to its 0.6 mph to 1.7 mph travel speed and 68% gradability. It also boasts a winch line pull of 17,590 lb and a line speed of 225 ft/min, which, combined with its gross vehicle mass of 137,554 lbs (including a 35,000 lb counterweight), makes it a powerful and adaptable choice for a variety of geotechnical construction projects.