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Bauer BG 33 H Vertical Drill

Key Specifications

Operating Weight Max Depth (Kelly) Footprint
117.7 tons 48.0 meters 4.630 m x 3.770 m

The Bauer BG 33 H Vertical Drill Rig is a robust and versatile drilling solution designed to meet the stringent demands of the geotechnical construction industry. Engineered by Bauer Maschinen GmbH, this heavy-duty rig excels in a variety of drilling applications including Kelly drilling, CFA and soil mixing. We operate BG33’s on both the US Mainland and our Pacific operations in Hawaii. BG 33 H is equipped to handle large projects and challenging ground conditions. Its modular design and advanced control system further enhance operational efficiency, making it a preferred choice for professionals in the field.

Key Specifications: 

Manufacturer: Bauer Maschinen GmbH
Model: BG 33 H
Application: Used for deep foundation drilling tasks such as Kelly drilling, double rotary drilling, soil mixing, and more.

Max Depth: 48.0
Max Reach:
5.020 meters
27.039 meters
Operating Weight:
117.7 tons
4.630 x 3.770 meters

Max Depth:
20.4 to auger tip
Max Reach:
4.419 meters
27.167 meters
Operating Weight:
113.4 tons

CFA DRILLING w/ Extension):
Max Extension:
10.5 meters
Max Depth:
28.950 meters
Max Reach: 4.419 meters
36.140 meters
Operating Weight:
116.4 tons 


      • Control System: Features a state-of-the-art control system that allows precise operation and monitoring.
      • Modular Design: Facilitates easier transportation and setup.
      • Safety Features: Equipped with numerous safety features, including emergency stop mechanisms and safety guards.