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NW Natural Warrenton

Client: Bremik Construction
Scope of Work: Augercast Piles
Project Year: 2021

The Project

NW Natural is relocating to higher ground on Dolphin Avenue for enhanced safety and operational efficiency. They contracted Pacific Foundation for the installation of 230 augercast piles to ensure foundational stability.

Scope of Work

Pacific Foundation’s scope of work at the NW Natural Warrenton facility involved the installation of 230 augercast piles. These piles serve as the deep foundation elements, ensuring structural stability and load-bearing capacity for the facility. The installation is critical for the long-term integrity and safety of the building infrastructure.

The Result

The installation of 230 augercast piles by Pacific Foundation contributes to NW Natural’s relocation effort by ensuring a stable, load-bearing foundation at the elevated Dolphin Avenue site. This foundational work is integral to the community’s broader strategy of relocating essential services to safer, higher ground.

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