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OR126 Slide Repair

Client: Wildish Standard Paving
Scope of Work: Soldier Pile Wall
Project Year: 2019

The Project

After being assessed as a high risk area for landslides and erosion, OR-126  required extensive remediation to clear the slide and fortify the roadway against future slides. 

The Solution

The scope of work addressed in this submittal includes installation of50 ft steel shear piles for a Shear Wall to correct the slide on the OR126E @ M.P. 9 Slide Repair Project. Specifically, our work includes furnishing soldier piles, drilling soldier pile shafts to tip, placing the pile, and back filling with CLSM.

The Result

The OR-126 project in Oregon focused on improving highway safety, particularly concerning the frequency and severity of risks due to landslides.. This involved a detailed safety study, collaboration with various entities, to create a low-cost, high-benefit safety solutions.

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