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Energy & Power – Geotechnical Construction

Power Transmission

Innovative & Efficient Electrical Grid Foundation Construction 

Clients choose Pacific Foundation for our relentless commitment to delivering the best solution for each project. This dedication has led us to amass the largest fleet in the Pacific Northwest, a highly talented and diversified crew and over $250 million in completed projects across government, energy, commercial, technology, and medical sectors.

Our goal is to bring unparalleled reliability and innovation to the the power transmission energy sector. In responding to today’s climate initiatives, evolving consumer consumption, and electric vehicle (EV) innovation, Pacific Foundation stands ready to assist utility companies and contractors with top-notch engineering and geotechnical construction solutions.

Geotechnical Services for Power & Utility Infrastructure

With in-house engineering, Pacific Foundation and Pacific Structural Inc can provide complete design-build services or consult on challenging projects, oftentimes discovering an alternative solution, cost-savings or hidden efficiency. 

Towers & Structures

Our diverse fleet of drill rigs and tooling allow us to tackle highly complex, low clearance or access limited installations as well as large scale transmission towers. 

Substation Upgrades

From new construction to substation expansions, Pacific Foundation has successfully prepared foundations for anchor bolts, substation transformer, bus work foundations and extensive substation fencing and security improvements. 

Limited Access Specialists

Pacific Foundation has the equipment, the fabricators, and the experience to tackle any limited access / low overhead clearance project to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. 

Our clients

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Learn more about Pacific Foundation, explore case studies, get fleet information and more in this comprehensive guide to Geotechnical Construction in the energy Sector. 

Building the future

Recent Projects

BPA Tacoma Substation

BPA Tacoma Substation

The Sno King Tacoma Substation project neccessated the installation of 30" and 36" drilled shafts to suppor the installation of transformer, grounding and surge proteection cages using a Bauer BG24H vertical drill rig.

Pilot Butte Substation

Pilot Butte Substation

For this project, Pacific Foundation was contracted to install and test 18 small-diameter micropiles for upcoming facility upgrades.

BPA HMB Renovation

BPA Tacoma Substation

The BPA HMB Renovation included underpin brackets to reinforce the building at the start of the renovation work.

Building the future

A World-Class Equipment Fleet

Our committment to delivering the right solution for each job extends to our equipment fleet: To get the job done efficiently, we have to have the right tools. Pacific Foundation has a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment from Bauer, Klemm, Hutte, Mantis, Sheltzke, Putzmiester, and more. 

We are outfitted to handle the most complex projects: From large diameter shafts to low clearance and and access-limited projects – Click the button below to connect with your team to discuss your project in detail and learn how Pacific Foundation can help you achieve project success.

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