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Pacific Foundation Calculators

Scroll down to access commonly used formulas and calculations used in geotechnical construction. If you don’t see the formula you’re looking for, email to have it added to the list.  

Area Calculator

Length x Width


Volume Calculator

Length x Width x Height


Cylinder Volume Calculator

π x Radius² x Height


Cement Mix Ratio Calculator

Weight Water / Weight Cement


Weight of Steel Pipe Calculator

10.68 x (OD – Wall Thickness) x Wall Thickness


Elongation Calculator

(Load (kips) x Length (inches)) / (Area (inches²) x 29000)

Result: inches

Elongation Load Calculator

(Area x 29000 x Elongation) / Length = Load

Result: Kips

Elongation Length Calculator

(Area x 29000 x Elongation) / Load = Length

Result: inches

Apps We Recommend

Need an advanced calculation or want an offline app to use in the field? Click on an app below for quick access to our team’s favorite digital tools.

Triangle Solver

If you know two angles and one side of a triangle, quickly and easily calculate the rest. Also handles cases where you know two sides and one angle, or three sides and no angles.

MMM Calc

A quick and easy tool to help you calculate your concrete needs and more, including aggregates, ready-mix, and asphalt.